Listen Up!

1. Is it a live show?

    * Yes. Think of it kinda like the old Tonight Show w Johnny Carson-- except w/o Johnny, Ed, or Doc.

2. There's lasagna?

    * Yes. Lasagna, salad & cannoli served at 5:00 pm before the show.

3.  When does the show start?

     * 6:00 pm.

4. Where is it?

     * Norman P. Murray Center 24932 Veterans Way Mission Viejo

5.  What time do the doors open?

     * 4:00 pm

6.  Is there a bar?

     * Yes. Wine, Water, & Soft Drinks. All proceeds go to CHOC.

7.  Can I bring my own wine?

     * Yes--bring an opener.

8.  It's a talent show?

     * Yes. Singers, Musicians, Comedians--you name it.

9.  What's with the Uncle Eddy's Lasagna part?

     * There'll be live highlights from the recent stage show this                summer.

10.  It's on the radio?

     * Yes.  It's broadcast live over the Internet so friends & family            can hear it too.

11. Is there video?

      * Not yet--soon.

12.  Who do I contact with more questions?

     * if you liked the show.

     * if youse didn't.

     * if youse insulted.

     * breadsticks@olivesgarden if youse food was cold.