Maybe Youse Wants to Be in the Play?

And Have Lasagna, Too!

      Hey-- maybe youse wants Uncle Eddy and The Uncles to be at your next big corporate shindig.

    Youse and all the other big shots can be in the play and we'll video  the whole thing for youse; unless you're under investigation  or something.   

     We serve Lasagna, too. Youse and your corporate La Famiglia even get to help make it. Youse can do it for a chariy you like--you knows, like one of the one's you pretend to sponser so youse can get your name in the newspaper. 

     If youse wants that, too, you can donate whatever you think you can get away with so the IRS don't audit you. 

     Hey, we's got a heart, what'd you thinks?


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Latest comments

22.07 | 09:05

Listen, Uncle Eddy's putting in a lot of works on this. Youse don't pays more attention he's gonna track youse down like youse owes him money. Capiche?

10.07 | 13:08

If my grandmother had wheels she'd be a bike. Whatsamattayouse?

10.07 | 12:47

The cooking video was hilarious! I can relate....

07.07 | 18:29

Hopes they don'ts make better lasagna. . .