She Was Smart, Beautiful. . .and Dangerous

Sal Always Thought She Was a Native American
She was too good for Sal

She Was No Snow White

     Hey's, we's was all proud of our heritage, and we respected all peeps. Afterall's, we's grew up in Brooklyn, one of the world's greatest cultural melting pots.

    Uncle Sal always thought Sue was a Native American.  She  claimed to be a Plains Cherokee but she was born in Jersey—we never called her on it.

     She told the story every Christmas of how she pinned Uncle Sal to the bedroom door one night with three strategically placed arrows after a "disagreement"

      Uncle Sal had the shirt with three holes in it to prove it  

      Aunt Sue was a big fan of Cher. Funny how Uncle Sal reminded everyone of Sonny. . 

Sue spoke Spanish--odd for a Plain's Cherokee?

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20.07 | 12:36

Ok DaVinci’s— there’s some new parts this year, and they’re better than youse deserve. Even Uncle Carlo likes em & he doesn’t likes anything’s

09.07 | 17:41

Youse seen it’s before? So what’s— see it’s again & live’s a little!

07.07 | 17:14

Youse get the message? WEAR'S RED!

14.09 | 11:35

Read all this, Einsteins, and youse'll know's everything Uncle Eddy does. Ok's, probably more--youse happy now?

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