Peace, Love--and Revenge

Earl had to die. . .

     It was the time of flower power, communal living, and VW buses. Wanda left home in New Jersey for San Francisco in 1965 with just her beads and mocassins. Uncle Earl (his real name was Elmo) picked her up on the Jersey Turnpike and two weeks later they were living in The Haight.

   Uncle Earl  was a hippy back then—-an Italian Hippy. Hey's, maybe's that's an oxymoron, but Earl certainly qualified for the second part of that description--you know, the word right after oxy?. .

    Peace and Love reighned-until Earl discovered LSD and free love. He was an avid crusader for both, and that's when Aunt Wanda had enough. She took her three children--Moonshadow, Harvest, and Spirit--and left for Los Angeles.

     Who would of known she'd land a leading role in Hair at the Aquarius?

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