She Wore Mocassins With Her Fur Coats

She Seemed So Peaceful

This is the bow she shot Uncle Romeo with.

     Aunt Running Eagle-that's what we called her. Her real name was Sue. Hey, we's weren't exactly politically correct backs then, but we nevers meant no disrespect.

     Sue was a Native American--youse knows, like Christopher Columbo.  People's thought Sal and Sue was like Sonny and Cher--Sues never gave Sals the time of day neither  

     Uncle Sal once showed my cousin Gary and me one of his shirts with some holes in the sleeve.  He said Aunt Running Eagle had pinned him to the bedroom door with three arrows from her bow one night after a "disagreement."

     We didn't believe him until he showed us the stone-tipped arrows and Aunt Sue's longbow. 

     After that, we begged Aunt Running Eagle to show us how she did it.

The Great White Buffalo was Aunt Sue's spiritual connection.
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17.08 | 11:59

Youse peeps gots lots of homework to do's to get to know's all the Aunts & Uncles before the big shew December 9th. Youse better starts now's. Capiche?

12.08 | 22:22

I'md only Gonna tells you once and I hopes youse will understands. .

12.08 | 20:37

Love the Pepsi commercial!

08.08 | 00:09

Diane Richards, Mission Viejo·19h ago
Ha ha ha! My dad grew up in a "Wapp" neighborhood in Providence Rhode Island. He talked like that all the time. He's been gone almost 20 years. Reading that made me smile and remember our beloved Papa. Thanks!

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