She Was a Beauty Queen

Uncle Eddy Married Aunt Doris Twice

I never forgot that smell; or that hair. . .

     The first time must have been before I was born, because I know I would never have forgotten Aunt Doris.

     Of course, there were never any weddings that I know of, but there could of been, since I was told that Uncle Eddy usually got married in Las Vegas. I'm not sure where he got divorced, but that's another story. 

     It was her smell that  transported me to eight-year-old heaven. The aroma of scented powder, vanilla, and rose petals--it bypassed my nostrils and went directly to my budding. . . imagination.

     Aunt Doris had big hair, big bosoms, and a big personality. Im still looking for my own Aunt Doris.

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sonia perez | Reply 25.07.2017 08.51

I'm gonna do it backwards and in high heals to Jeff
Thank you for choosing me to be Aunt Dora!

Uncle Eddy 25.07.2017 09.33

Hey, youse gots talent--and youse smells good.

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17.08 | 11:59

Youse peeps gots lots of homework to do's to get to know's all the Aunts & Uncles before the big shew December 9th. Youse better starts now's. Capiche?

12.08 | 22:22

I'md only Gonna tells you once and I hopes youse will understands. .

12.08 | 20:37

Love the Pepsi commercial!

08.08 | 00:09

Diane Richards, Mission Viejo·19h ago
Ha ha ha! My dad grew up in a "Wapp" neighborhood in Providence Rhode Island. He talked like that all the time. He's been gone almost 20 years. Reading that made me smile and remember our beloved Papa. Thanks!

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