He Had to Cut Down on The Cheese

I Learned About the Anchovy from Sal

Sal learned the pizza biz from the best.

     Seemed like all the Uncles owned a restaurant at one time or another, but Uncle Sal was the only one who made it a career--if you call cutting the grated Parmesan with flour a career.

     Uncle Salvatore (Sal) was the third oldest son. My father picked up pizza from Sal's most Friday nights to bring home, and on Sunday's we'd eat inside the restaurant in our favorite red-vinyl tuck-and-roll upholstered booth.

     The anchovy caught my attention early, and I remember many Sunday nights consuming gallons of milk, Kool Aid, soda, water or anything else liquid to quench my salt-driven thirst. Sal also introduced me to the Ceasar Salad--with extra anchovies.

     Sal had a heart attack in his 60s and had to cut back on his cheese intake. He also had to walk  around the block every day.

     He didn't like either one, and took it out on all of us.

Fresh mozzarella and anchovies.
This is somebody. I don't know whose.
Sal had a bunch of people working in the kitchen so he could, youse know--mingle.

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Michael | Reply 10.08.2014 16.55

I learned to cook from all my uncles, but Uncle Eddy's Lasagna is really Sal's receipe.

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Of course! Whattsamatta you-- youse think Uncle Eddy's forgots or something?

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Hey, June 24s The Aunts & Uncles is getting together and gonna pretend it's Christmas. Whatsamatta? Everyone knows Christmas is whenever The Pope says it is.

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