Walking in Belmont Shore with Uncle Franco & Uncle Eddy

I sorta knew what it meant. . .

     Uncle Eddy and Uncle Franco took me for a walk on the main street in Belmont Shore one Sunday (my mother made them).

     My Uncles both had problems with their necks that day; theit heads kept spinning uncontrollably.

    Their jaws had problems, too--they kept falling open for no apparent reason.

     She was older than I was. Maybe 18. I knew she was more grown up than the girls at school.

     She was wearing a sweater as I recall. Uncle Franco and Uncle Eddy would remember every detail.

     As she approached, Franco and Eddy started poking each other. That's when I heard the word "stacked".

     I saw Gina Lollobrigada on the Ed Sullivan show that night.

     I put two and two together (so to speak) . . .



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Michael | Reply 10.08.2014 16.53

Uncle Jack had a new wife every Christmas. That's what my mom and aunts introduced them as to me and my cousin. They didn't like any of them except Doris.

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I love cooking meals with my crock pot! These are some great recipes and I pinned this to my Pinterest crock pot/slow cooker board. Thanks so much for sharing!R

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Ok DaVinci’s— there’s some new parts this year, and they’re better than youse deserve. Even Uncle Carlo likes em & he doesn’t likes anything’s

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Youse seen it’s before? So what’s— see it’s again & live’s a little!

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Youse get the message? WEAR'S RED!

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