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Youse Needs to Gets to Knows Everyones

      "A day without sunshine is like, you know, night". Steve Martin



In theatre, a farce is a comedy that aims at entertaining the audience through situations that are highly exaggerated, extravagant, and thus improbable. 


Time: Christmas Eve 1980

Place: Grandpa Carlo’s walkup Brooklyn, NY where The Uncles grew up.

Storyline: The Aunts arrive unexpectedly.



               Uncle Eddy: Endearing scoundrel. Twice married to Doris—and others. Think Joe Peschi

                Uncle Franco: Ex NYPD cop. The mature one. Formerly married to Angie. Think Robert De Niro.

                Uncle Gio: Sells cars. Formerly married to Ginger. Think Italian Steve Martin.

                Uncle Sal: Owns a pizzeria. Formerly married to Sue. Think Sonny & Cher.

                Uncle Romeo: Wants to be an actor. Formerly married to Sonya. They met at a communist party rally. Think Al Pacino 

                Uncle Earl: The missing person that no one really missed at all.

                Uncle Vincenzo: Different from the rest. 

                Grandpa Carlo: The Uncles still give him trouble. Grandma Sophia recently died. Think Don Corleone.

                Nephew Michael: 30 something.  Grew up with the Uncles. Adds his recollections. Think Wally Cleaver.  

                Aunt Doris: Ex beauty queen from Texas. Big everything. Think Ann Richards

                Aunt Ginger: Ex PSA stewardess. Hey, Nancy Sinatra Babe.

                Aunt Sonya:  Russian. Former Bolshevik. Now Democrat. Named after Sonya Rostova in War and Peace. Think Boris & Natasha

                Aunt Angie:  Beautician from the Bronx. Think Marisa Tomei

                 Aunt Sue:  She thought of God as the Great White Buffalo, and Sal as Beelzebub

                Aunt Wanda:  Let the Sun Shine In--preferrably through the hole in Uncle Earl's head. . .the one she and Mary Ann planned to add to the existing one he already had wherein  his brains had obviously fallen out years ago.

                Mary Ann:  Wanda's friend. Fellow member of the 4H Club.  Took the red-eye back from Atlanta after Earl put Wanda in the ICU.

                Cherry StormDiamonds are a girls best friend

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DONE Sending...

Uncle Eddy | Reply 17.08.2017 11.59

Youse peeps gots lots of homework to do's to get to know's all the Aunts & Uncles before the big shew December 9th. Youse better starts now's. Capiche?

Sonia Perez | Reply 06.07.2017 16.15

I love the way you broke down the meaning of a Farce, Jeff! Thank you

Uncle Eddy 06.07.2017 17.22

Hey, Uncle Eddy's understands farce. He grew up with the Uncles didn't he? Youse going to be one bellisimo Aunt Doris!

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14.09 | 11:35

Read all this, Einsteins, and youse'll know's everything Uncle Eddy does. Ok's, probably more--youse happy now?

10.09 | 20:15

Hey’s, it’s Uncle Eddy’s. Grandpa Carlo— he’s like, youse kk owls, my Pops. He never thought I’d amount to much—hey’s, Iknowswhatsyousethinkuns.

22.08 | 18:57

Hey's, it's Uncle Eddy's. If I have to's listen to this Hallelujha Christmas song everytime I open's this site I'm going's to go nuts.

16.04 | 11:19

Hey's--this part's NEW!

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