We's liked it!

We got a cheap plastic cup and we're thrilled! Ok, we sorta liked it. Actually, we put a geranium in it.

What the hell is a Goombah?

Many in the audience confessed--even the non Catholics

Aunt D surrounds herself with beautiful women!

Is there somebody behind us?

My Dad's Grandpa Carlo. Don't tell anyone--I'm embarrassed enough. . .

I don't know--we didn't get it.

Cherry Storm said I was the best she ever had.

We're so drunk we thought it was good. Was it good?

She's drivin' me nuts.

We're stars. C'mon--we' re stars, right?

Ok, who was boo'ing? That youse?

Confessions will be heard at 8:00 am

We don't know each other

I've told you never to take my picture when I'm eating!

My cup's full of whisky!

I pray for you!

Get away's from us delinquents

I like'd the Lasagna better than the show.

So your a priest--so what?

We're prettier than you are.

Wally's my husband. You know, the old guy playing Grandpa Carlo

I hear this BS before.

Look's like she's had too much Lasagna's to me.

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16.04 | 11:19

Hey's--this part's NEW!

16.04 | 09:38

Youse one smart Cannoli who obviously know's great theater when youse see it! NEXT PERFORMANCE NOVEMBER 2ND, 2018!

16.04 | 09:35

Mansour--please emailit to me at

02.04 | 18:23

Gaetano-sorry we lost track. Please email me at

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