We's Don't Want Youse Money!

Or maybe youse knows somebodies?
If looks could kill.
He introduced me to the anchovy.
They smelled good.
Gio told him not to quit his day job.

Hey, It's a Lot More Fun than Selling Girl Scout Cookies!

              Uncle Eddy's Lasagna is coming to Mission Viejo this fall, and all proceeds will go to Mission Viejo and Saddleback Valley non-profits. Think of it as a pancake breakfast; only it's a play, at night--with Lasagna! 

           We don't wants youse money (hards to believe, huh?) but we need volunteer actors, crew, and lasagna servers.  Maybe youse an actor, or  wannabe actor, or someone whose got absolutely no's talent. Don't worry, the Uncles gots no's talent either.

            So how's this work?

           Whatsamatta you?--you serves the Lasagna! Uncle Eddy will share his recipe and we's all make it together and serves it after the performance. That ways, the audience peeps stick around.

           There’s absolutely no cost to the non-profits or volunteer organizations. All proceeds from the performance and lasagna go directly to the non-profits without any offsets--none.

          And the volunteer organizations? Theys the gets lots of publicity, which is good, unless youse in the witness protection program like Uncle Gio and don't wants people to know whose you are.

            Uncle Eddy's is going to be big, and is being graciously facilitated by Dru Mauer, MFA, who is the Cultural Services Supervisor for the City of Mission Viejo. She's an Uncle's fave pasticio.

            Opening Night is December 9th at The Murray Center. The Uncles will knows if youse don't come.



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08.05 | 15:19

Youse gonna be a fine Aunt-- unless youse just coming for the lasagna cause youse gots nothing's better to does.

08.05 | 13:17

Yo UE, lookin forward to reading :)

06.05 | 14:19

Hey, youse get a second chance. Read for the play (or just comes for the FREE LASAGNA if youse a cheapskate) May 27 10:00 a.m. Murray Center Mission Viejo.

26.04 | 11:59

Youse got talent? Read for the Play this Saturday 4.29 at 12:00 at Arts Alive Festival. If youse gots no talents don't worry--the Uncles gots no talents either.

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