Hey, It's Me Telling the Story--Capiche?

Dick Clark Was Already In His 80s Here
The key to her smile.

     All my Uncles cooked. Food is very important to Italians, and Italian men usually pride themselves on their abilities in the kitchen.  Not as much as in the bedroom, but that’s another story.

      The Uncles went all out for Christmas. Christmas Eve had them arriving at Grandpa‘s with bags full of groceries, and soon the whole house smelled deliciously of garlic, onions, and tomato sauce.

     Eddy would start preparing his special Lasagna weeks in advance, ordering the duck and sausage from the Italian market down the street along with the tomatoes, cheeses, spices and antipastos.

      The Galliano and Italian Chiantis he had delivered the week before so he could, you know—make sure they were’nt like bad or somethin’s.  

      After dinner, we all played poker. My favorite was Italian Show Me. It’s draw poker—you can play it with stud, too—with the fifth card on the player’s head for all but the player to see. This game is often called Indian Poker, but since we were Italian, we renamed it.

      The Uncles were my heroes growing up. My hope is that they'll soon be yours, too  

      Buon Natalie and Salute’ to Youse and Yours!

Uncle Eddy married most of these girls.
He said it was like, you knows--his destiny.
He also thought he was Frankie Valli.
He got a part instead about an Italian religious father
Whadda they got in there?

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20.07 | 12:36

Ok DaVinci’s— there’s some new parts this year, and they’re better than youse deserve. Even Uncle Carlo likes em & he doesn’t likes anything’s

09.07 | 17:41

Youse seen it’s before? So what’s— see it’s again & live’s a little!

07.07 | 17:14

Youse get the message? WEAR'S RED!

14.09 | 11:35

Read all this, Einsteins, and youse'll know's everything Uncle Eddy does. Ok's, probably more--youse happy now?

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