Youse Wants a Pan of Lasagna for Youse Next Event?

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Hey, Uncle Eddy will brings his Lasagna to youse.  It's the same one that was a finalist in Magianno's Best Italian Chefs Contest


So's, heres how it works: Youse contact us--that's right, right here's underneath's these words from Uncle Eddy.

Then's, we's make the Lasagna and bring it to you. Hey, Uncle Eddy's not a complicated guy. Neither should youse be.

We's take care of everythings, except for family disputes and stuff like that.

Youse get a Whole Giant Pan that serves 10-12 peeps dependings on whether youse eat like Uncle Gio  or Aunt Sonya (she's littler than Gio) for $25.  Extra marinara comes with it, too's.

ORDER NOW cause we needs a few days lead time. One of the Uncles (maybes an Aunt) will be's right back at ya. 

Hey, it's not Dominos--it take's time.


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Latest comments

07.09 | 11:31

Youse tell 'em Aunt Doris. Some peeps, huh?

07.09 | 11:16

Vegan lasagna is delish, but this isn't a restaurant it's a play buckaroos!

31.08 | 14:13

Uncle Eddy's like mortified. Someone's wants to knows if Uncle Eddy's Lasagna is vegan? Whatsamattayouse? Youse gonna need a triple's bypass when youse done.

17.08 | 11:59

Youse peeps gots lots of homework to do's to get to know's all the Aunts & Uncles before the big shew December 9th. Youse better starts now's. Capiche?