Maybes I'll Reply

     Hey, it's Michael, Uncle Eddy's nephew. 

     He don't do email, so I'm like, you knows--filling in. Maybes youse wanna audition, submit receipes, find out when Eddy and the Uncles will be in your town? Maybe’s youse a Corporate Bigshot and Youse and the other Bigshots wanna have Uncle Eddy’s at your next I-don’t-wanna-go-but-the-boss-said-I-had-to corporate event? Send a message. 

     If youse got a complaint, wants your money back, or fell off the barstool and think Eddy's responsible, then go ahead and send your message to the Jersey Boys at their website.

     Those of youse that's got talent or money I'll be right back to you. Otherwise, youse probably have to wait somes.

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Latest comments

20.11 | 12:41

Oh, sorry, it took me a while but I foun' it and ordered tickets for January. See youse then!

20.11 | 12:27

What the heck, Eddy? How the frick are we 'spose ta get tickets to this shindig at the Murray? I need touse, I mean two. I don't see any connection on this site

19.11 | 18:50

Youse thinks this is easy? All youse gotta do is show's up. Think's youse can handle it's, huh's?

18.11 | 09:20

Hey's, Uncle Eddy's been tellin' youse to buy youse tickets. We dont's want's youse to miss meeting the Uncles, and we's want's youse money. Whatsamattayouse?