Maybes I'll Reply

     Hey, it's Michael, Uncle Eddy's nephew. 

     He don't do email, so I'm like, you knows--filling in. I'm Wanna audition, submit receipes, find out when Eddy and the Uncles will be in your town? Send a message. 

     If youse got a complaint, wants your money back, fell off the barstool and think Eddy's responsible, then go ahead and send your message to the Jersey Boys at their website.

     Those of youse that's got talent or money I'll be right back to you. Otherwise, youse probably have to wait somes.

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Latest comments

07.09 | 11:31

Youse tell 'em Aunt Doris. Some peeps, huh?

07.09 | 11:16

Vegan lasagna is delish, but this isn't a restaurant it's a play buckaroos!

31.08 | 14:13

Uncle Eddy's like mortified. Someone's wants to knows if Uncle Eddy's Lasagna is vegan? Whatsamattayouse? Youse gonna need a triple's bypass when youse done.

17.08 | 11:59

Youse peeps gots lots of homework to do's to get to know's all the Aunts & Uncles before the big shew December 9th. Youse better starts now's. Capiche?