Maybes I'll Reply

Hey, it's Michael, Uncle Eddy's nephew. 

He don't do email, so I'm like, you knows--taking over. Wanna audition, submit receipes, find out when Eddy and the Uncles will be in your town? Send a message.

If youse got a complaint, wants your money back, fell off the barstool and think Eddy's responsible, then go ahead and send your message to the Jersey Boys at their website.

If youse got talent or money I'll be right back to you. Otherwise, youse probably have to wait somes.

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Latest comments

08.05 | 15:19

Youse gonna be a fine Aunt-- unless youse just coming for the lasagna cause youse gots nothing's better to does.

08.05 | 13:17

Yo UE, lookin forward to reading :)

06.05 | 14:19

Hey, youse get a second chance. Read for the play (or just comes for the FREE LASAGNA if youse a cheapskate) May 27 10:00 a.m. Murray Center Mission Viejo.

26.04 | 11:59

Youse got talent? Read for the Play this Saturday 4.29 at 12:00 at Arts Alive Festival. If youse gots no talents don't worry--the Uncles gots no talents either.