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      Hey, it's Michael, Uncle Eddy's nephew. 

     He don't do email, so I'm like, you knows--filling in. Maybes youse wanna audition, submit receipes, find out when Eddy and the Uncles will be in your town? 

    Maybe’s youse a Corporate Bigshot and youse and the other Bigshots wanna have Uncle Eddy’s at your next I-don’t-wanna-go-but-the-boss-said-I-had-to corporate event?  

     If youse got a complaint, want's your money back, or fell off the barstool and think Uncle Eddy's responsible, then go ahead and send your message to the Jersey Boys at their website.

     For the rest of youse, if youse got money or talent, I'll be right back to you. Otherwise, youse probably have to wait some's.

     If youse really got somethin’s important like youse wants to buys a hundred tickets cause you heard the show’s great, then email me at

    It better's be important. 

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Latest comments

14.09 | 11:35

Read all this, Einsteins, and youse'll know's everything Uncle Eddy does. Ok's, probably more--youse happy now?

10.09 | 20:15

Hey’s, it’s Uncle Eddy’s. Grandpa Carlo— he’s like, youse kk owls, my Pops. He never thought I’d amount to much—hey’s, Iknowswhatsyousethinkuns.

22.08 | 18:57

Hey's, it's Uncle Eddy's. If I have to's listen to this Hallelujha Christmas song everytime I open's this site I'm going's to go nuts.

16.04 | 11:19

Hey's--this part's NEW!