Maybe Youse Want's to Be in the Play?

     Hey's, maybe youse wanna be an Uncle?  Or an Aunt?

     Maybe's youse really old (or just look's it) and would be better as Grandpa Carlo? 

     Maybe's  youse young but look's old ( like youse had a hard life or something) and then  youse can be anyone youse wants. 
     If youse not Italian youse can still apply. If none of the Goombas are any good, then youse might have a chance.

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10.03 | 22:51

I love cooking meals with my crock pot! These are some great recipes and I pinned this to my Pinterest crock pot/slow cooker board. Thanks so much for sharing!R

20.07 | 12:36

Ok DaVinci’s— there’s some new parts this year, and they’re better than youse deserve. Even Uncle Carlo likes em & he doesn’t likes anything’s

09.07 | 17:41

Youse seen it’s before? So what’s— see it’s again & live’s a little!

07.07 | 17:14

Youse get the message? WEAR'S RED!