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So how’s come youse got’s nothing to say’s here? Even Uncle Franco whose in the witness protection program sends me text messages from the throw-away cell phones he buys at the 7-11. Tells me something you care’s about--you know’s like youse mother or your new purple new Cadillac--and I'll share it with the other uncles. Whose knows, maybes we're even related?

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Written by JoAnne Wallar on Sep. 19, 2018
Can you please give me some information on the event at the Lakeview senior center on Dec 1?
Written by Uncle Eddy on Jul. 20, 2018
Hey's, Youse Get's to Eat's Lasagna at The Show November 2nd at 7:00 pm at the Laguna Hills Colosseum --I mean's Community Center. And I might add, it really is Uncle Eddy's famouse recipe that's been, likes, handed down from generations of noble Sicilians. Well, ok's, some of them's wasn't so noble--so what?
Written by Uncle Eddy on Apr. 21, 2017
Oks, here's where's you can tastes some Lasagna & meet the Uncles. Youse can even be part of the preview play reading just in case you maybes wants to be famous. Come April 29&30 to the Murray Center in Mission Viejo. Uncle Eddys part of the Arts Alive Festival. Heys youse thoughts we'd got no cultures or something?
Written by Uncle Eddy on Mar. 21, 2017
Uncle Eddy is growing tomatoes for his next Lasagna fest. I'll lets youse knows as soon as they're ready--capiche?
Written by Uncle Eddy on Feb. 22, 2017
The play is coming soon!

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Read all this, Einsteins, and youse'll know's everything Uncle Eddy does. Ok's, probably more--youse happy now?

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Hey’s, it’s Uncle Eddy’s. Grandpa Carlo— he’s like, youse kk owls, my Pops. He never thought I’d amount to much—hey’s, Iknowswhatsyousethinkuns.

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Hey's, it's Uncle Eddy's. If I have to's listen to this Hallelujha Christmas song everytime I open's this site I'm going's to go nuts.

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Hey's--this part's NEW!