It’s a Play Where's Youse Eat's Lasagna. Capiche?

Hey's, Youse Get's Lasagna Dinner, Too. Whatsamattayouse?
To nurture, protect & advance the health & well-being of children
It's a ticket--youse get in's with this. Duh?

You can make a difference!

Hey's, We's Loved It!


Proceeds Benefiting CHOC Children’s Hospital!





   (Click on this link Genius)




COMING NOV 2nd, 2018!


7:00 PM!

 (Youse gonna eat's after 8 so bring a snack if youse OCD or just not's able to control's youseself)



2ND SHOW ADDED DEC 1st, 2018!


6:00 PM!

 (Hey's, it's not just for relics like Grandpa Carlo)


Photos From the Last Show! 

(That's like the one before's this one Marconi)


 Uncle Eddy's on Yousetubes!


(Click on it Einstein)



It's like a SMASH. What’dyouseexpect?
Not sure who all these people are.

     I grew up in an Italian family from New York. My Grandfather Carlo claimed to be the King of Italy’s personal tailor. I’m still checking on whether there was a king of Italy in the late 1800’s  

     All The Uncles in my family cooked.  Holidays and special occasions found them in the kitchen making their own specialty. The Aunts  were ushered out to the dining room table to discuss “girl things”—which usually meant Uncle things.

     Uncle Eddy’s specialty was Duck and Sausage Lasagna: colorful, creative, aromatic, pungent, gamey, woodsy, and memorable--all adjectives that described my Uncle Eddy, too. He made it every Christmas.

     Uncle Eddy was my mother's favorite, and my hope is he'll  be yours, too. Join the Uncles and Grandpa Carlo this Christmas and your family will come together in the same special way as ours does every year.

     Buon Natale and Salute' to Youse and Yours!



Uncle Eddy Today & More Grainy Photos
Youse gotta sees the Play to find out hows Carlos got such a beauty.
Ginger wore hot pants. Gio didn't.
Hey, they made lasagna--capiche?


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DONE Sending...

Gaetano accardo | Reply 07.02.2018 11.27

Ciao. Met Jeff at cinema San Juan Capistrano Italian movie. We talked about possibly my involvement with your group . Would like to contact him

jeff 02.04.2018 18.23

Gaetano-sorry we lost track. Please email me at

Mansour | Reply 08.01.2018 23.17

can you please upload this to youtube. thanks

Uncle Eddy 16.04.2018 09.35

Mansour--please emailit to me at

L. Roe | Reply 07.01.2018 19.47

It was so much fun! Great music, too. Thank you.

Uncle Eddy 16.04.2018 09.38

Youse one smart Cannoli who obviously know's great theater when youse see it! NEXT PERFORMANCE NOVEMBER 2ND, 2018!

Lynne Roe | Reply 07.01.2018 15.02

Hey, youse! Answer my question, per piacere...

Lynne Roe | Reply 07.01.2018 15.00

Do you have a list of those who've paid? Should I just show up? Will bring the credit card I used when I placed my order. Thank you.

Lynne Roe | Reply 07.01.2018 14.18

Ordered a ticket for today (and paid). Was I supposed to receive a ticket?
thank you.

carmen m avila | Reply 07.01.2018 13.53

plese check if I have purchased ticket for Jan7, have problem with my computer

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16.04 | 11:19

Hey's--this part's NEW!

16.04 | 09:38

Youse one smart Cannoli who obviously know's great theater when youse see it! NEXT PERFORMANCE NOVEMBER 2ND, 2018!

16.04 | 09:35

Mansour--please emailit to me at

02.04 | 18:23

Gaetano-sorry we lost track. Please email me at

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